Brad Pitt in Budapest right before he rocked up at the wrong house

Brad Pitt takes an embarrassing wrong turn

11 Oct 2010

Why Angelina Jolie didn’t let him in the house

Brad Pittwas in a wheel of trouble this week when he went out for a sightseeing tour of Budapest on his new BMW motorbike. The Hollywood star rejoined his family in the European country - who are there while Angelina directs her first movie - but it seems Brad took a wrong turn along the way.

The 46-year-old rocked up to the house he thought Ange had rented the family while they are in Budapest but when she wouldn’t let him in the house Brad started to worry. But thanks to a friendly photographer, Brad was alerted to the fact that it wasn’t actually his house.

After the confusion Brad was lead back to his house by the photographer.

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