Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a "Super Cool" Guy

08 Oct 2012

Brad Pitt has been praised by his Killing Them Softly co-star Scoot McNairy as ''super normal and super down-to-earth''

Brad Pitt is a ''super cool, super chill'' guy. Although the Hollywood hunk is engaged to actress Angelina Jolie and commands up to $20 million a movie, his Killing Them Softly co-star Scoot McNairy insists Brad is just a normal guy.

He told E! News: ''He's a guy's guy. When you look up in the dictionary the word guy, you see a picture of Brad. He's just super cool, super chill, super normal and super down-to-earth.''

Scott revealed he was castigated by executives on the set of the movie when he drove a stunt car he and Brad were in at high speed but Brad wasn't fazed by the incident.

The Argo actor explained: ''I peeled out with Brad in it. They were like, 'Hey, Scoot, you got to understand, you got a 20-million-dollar actor in the car. Don't ever do that again.' I was like, 'I got this, I got this. I'm from Texas. Brad was loving it.''

It was recently revealed that Brad became obsessed by cleaning while he was in UK with his fiancee Angelina and their six kids as she filmed her latest movie Maleficent.

A source said: ''Brad has always been an attentive father, but recently he's becoming more domesticated, too. The couple have a lot of help around the home, but Brad's started getting quite into sorting out the washing and doing the ironing himself."

''He's been pottering around the house a bit while Ange is away, and it helps to keep him occupied."

''He likes nothing more than doing a bit of housework before getting the kids to help him prepare dinner, which they love.''