Brad Pitt Speaks Out on Crazed Fans

Why the actor is wary of obsessed public
Sunday , 02 October 2011
Brad Pitt Speaks Out on Crazed Fans
Brad Pitt warns fans about getting too close before slipping into a waiting car

Brad Pitt has developed a “radar” to help spot obsessed
fans after two scary encounters left him wary of meeting the public.

The Hollywood icon insists he rarely feels threatened
when he’s approached by devotees, but a few experiences have taught him some
easy ways of slipping out of an awkward situation.

The Seven actor tells Total Film magazine, “I’ve had
break-ins in the house before. A few years ago, a girl broke in the house
(sic). Hatred doesn’t happen very often, but I have run into it.”

“You feel it, at times... You develop a radar over the
years. It’s very rare, but I’ve run into a couple of unbalanced people and you
feel it when you’re approached by them and you know how to get out.”

Sounds scary Brad!

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