Brad Pitt is cutting back on movie roles

He says: "acting is a younger man's game"
ByTeam Ahlan!Friday , 05 July 2019
Brad Pitt is cutting back on movie roles

The 55 year old has stepped away from acting a lot lately, preferring to spend more time focusing on work as a producer, and Pitt insists he has no problem handing over the torch to the next generation of actors.

"I'm behind the camera on the producing side and I enjoy that a lot," the Plan B co-founder tells GQ Australia. "I keep doing less and less (acting). "I really believe that overall it's a younger man's game - not that there aren't substantial parts for older characters - I just feel, the game itself, it'll move on naturally. There will be a natural selection to it all."

However, Pitt, who won an Oscar in 2014 for producing 12 Years a Slave, is fascinated by the impact the explosion in streaming services has already had on the film industry, and he isn't opposed to working on more online projects, after shooting War Machine for Netflix in 2017.

"I'm curious to see what the future of (film) is, what shape it takes," he says. "I really appreciate the streaming services because we're seeing more and more quality projects being made. We're seeing more writers and directors and actors getting a shot. It just tells you how many talented people are out there."
"I like to think there's room for both," Pitt continues. "But I could be a dinosaur and not even know it, man. And the comet could be on the way."

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