Brad Pitt Insists There’s No Wedding Date Yet

Brad Pitt maintains that he and Angelina Jolie haven’t set a wedding date
Brad Pitt Insists There’s No Wedding Date Yet
Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has responded to speculation surrounding his wedding plans. The actor attended a special screening of his new movie Killing Them Softly in London on 6 September. In recent weeks, there have been rumours he and his fiancée Angelina Jolie were set to tie the knot at their home in France. However, Brad dismissed the reports and insisted a date has not yet been set.

“No plans yet. Other than, we're gonna do it,” he smiled.

Brad lived up to his Hollywood heartthrob reputation at the screening by wearing a casual beige and cream outfit with his hair tied back in a ponytail.

The star has been spending a lot of time in the UK recently, as he has been filming the movie World War Z.

Brad also revealed that he wants to appear in films that his children will one day watch at the screening, which was held at the Mayfair Hotel in London.

“It was kind of the reason for the zombie film I've done [World War Z] - my boys are going to like that one. But I'm actually more interested in the films that they're going to enjoy when they're adults,” he explained.

Killing Them Softly was produced by Brad’s production company Plan B.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Brad and Angelina have special nicknames for each other.

According to British newspaper The Sun, the Hollywood stars – who raise six children together – often use the special names when they are secretly checking into hotels.

While Angelina refers to Brad as ‘Miffy’, Brad often calls his fiancée ‘Kitty’.

“Brad and Angelina are very lovey-dovey towards each other and don’t care who sees,” a source revealed.

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