Brad Pitt & Anne Hathaway Moan About Hollywood

The actors are sick of being famous
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 09 October 2014
Brad Pitt & Anne Hathaway Moan About Hollywood

Hollywood can be a very fickle place, but even we were surprised to hear two of our favourite big screen stars slating their fame and moaning about how hard their lives can be as actors. Brad Pitt and Anne Hathaway have each waxed lyrical about the “stresses” of their careers, forgetting just how lucky they are to lead such glamorous lifestyles.

“It was one of the worst experiences of my life”
Brad’s Big Problem
Brad isn’t usually one to make a fuss in public, but he said making 1994’s Interview with the Vampire was “one of the worst experiences” of his life. Really, Brad? Being on set with Tom Cruise was a bit of a drag for you? The 50-year-old claims if the project had come along later in his career, he’d have either had changes made or walked away from the film. He said: “Six months in the f***ing dark, contact lenses, make-up, I’m playing the b***h role. Now I’d be able to say, ‘This is a problem, we fix this, or I’m outta here.” The Fury star feels he lacked direction and focus in his early career and didn’t always take the best advice, admitting to Psychologies magazine: “When you’re starting out it’s easy to feel lost. You get a lot of advice from people who are trying to advance your career and want to make money out of you, but also who are trying to help you make a lot of money.”

Anne hates fame

Whiny Anne
Brad isn’t the biggest moaner, however – Anne Hathaway wins that title after stating she’s been “f***ed up” by fame. The Les Misérables actress proved to be truly miserable, claiming she was left “stressed out” by her Hollywood success as she had no idea how to cope with life in the public eye. She told Elle magazine: “This fame thing? F***ed me up for a really long time. I didn’t know how to do it, I didn’t know how to engage with it. And people would say, ‘You just have to be yourself,’ and I was like, ‘But I don’t know who that is yet!’” As Anne bemoans her difficult existence, Kate Winslet has taken an opposing stance, aimed at her and other actresses who complain about juggling fame and home lives.

Kate says actors are lucky

Kate Feels Lucky
The 38-year-old star, who has three children, insists people in the spotlight are in a very “lucky” position and are no worse off than other working mothers. “We’ve heard a lot from actresses recently about how difficult it is, but we should never be saying that because we are so lucky.” The Divergent actress says the thing she finds most difficult about being a working mother is making the “emotional jump” between two very different worlds. She told Britain’s Marie Claire magazine: “The thing for me personally is that it is a difficult transition… my life at home is just so different to my life at work. It doesn’t matter which of the two is harder, it’s the emotional, rather than logistic, jump from one place to another that’s difficult. The juggling of it all… we just get on with it. And we do, because we can.” Wise words, Miss Winslet – we just hope that Brad and Anne are listening. 

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