Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brad and Ange's secret wedding pact

12 Jan 2011

Pressure from Ange’s frantic family sees the famous couple tie the knot

Amid new reports that Angelina Jolie is on the brink of a meltdown, Brad Pitt has bowed to pressure from the actress’s frantic family and has finally told the star, “I’ll marry you.” Yet, determined to be in control, the actor has laid down his own terms and conditions.

Despite the couple getting wed in an unofficial ceremony in Morocco last November to appease their children, Ange’s family are still worried about her increasingly gaunt figure and recent violent tantrums and have begged Brad to make their five-year relationship official, insisting it’s the “only thing that can save her.”

She’s A Wreck
Angelina is said to have hit an all time low recently after being nominated for a Razzie (the notorious awards that honour the year’s worst movies and performances) for her role in The Tourist – her movie with Johnny Depp, which was predicted to be a big hit but unexpectedly flopped at the box office.

“Ange never predicted that failure,” spilled an insider. “She’s always so confident about her work. She thought it was a sure hit.” A showbiz source added, “Angelina has never cared about what the press and Hollywood said about her, as long as she was making blockbuster hits she blanked them out. So now that her career appears to be floundering, she feels like her world is closing in on her.”

Pals say the stress has caused the star to develop her old eating disorders and addictions. “She’s incredibly frail and skinny and her addictions are making her violent and short tempered. Everyone’s scared of her.”

With new rumours circulating that Angelina’s desperate reps were considering putting the star in rehab, after a series of recent, violent breakdowns, her dad, actor Jon Voight, stepped in. “He hates how his daughter’s life is played out in the press,” revealed a source. “So he phoned Brad and begged him to man up and learn from his own mistakes – he regrets leaving Ange’s mum all those years ago.” Adding, “Jon told him to do the honourable thing not only for the sake of the kids but to give Ange some stability during a time when she feels out of control.”

Brad’s Ultimatum
The Troy star has always made it clear that he’d never leave the kids or do anything to hurt them, so Jon’s emotional plea got to him. “Brad put his family first and selflessly agreed to marry Ange,” spilled an insider. “Although an Indian wedding was previously discussed, Jon knew Brad was only half-hearted about it, now he wants Brad to marry his daughter as soon as possible. Brad said yes, but only if Ange followed his terms.”

Determined to be in control, the actor gave desperate Angelina a list of conditions. Top of the list was for the 35-year-old to lighten up. “He is so fed up with her moody and dark persona,” commented a pal. “He thinks her macabre attitude is rubbing off on the kids, particularly Zahara, who she spends most of her time with.” Adding, “He also doesn’t want their kids to notice that she’s suicidal. He tells her she shouldn’t put that on them.”

Their brood of six toddlers were a priority on his list with Brad insisting “no more” children until she finds time to enjoy being with the ones they already have. He also demanded she stopped forcing her weird and dangerous hobbies on the kids. “Brad hit the roof when she bought Maddox a set of knives,” revealed a source. “He finds her to be irresponsible with the children. That’s their biggest arguments – over how she treats the kids. He calls her barbaric.”

The 47-year-old has also banned the Tomb Raider actress from using the children for publicity. “He’s aware of the public’s obsession with ‘toyboy’ Shiloh and ‘princess’ Zahara, and he’s aware of how Ange always brings them out when she wants to get the press on her side. He’s told her it has to stop!”

Give Me Freedom
Brad’s relationship with George Clooney was also at the forefront of his demands. Ange has made it known that she hates his friends, especially best buddy George who once took a swipe at her insisting, “When Hollywood is cruel the first thing a lot of women do to fill the gap is adopt kids. That’s a bit weird isn’t it?” Angelina thinks George is a bad influence on her man and bans Brad from seeing him. A source spilled, “Ange doesn’t get along with any of Brad’s mates. When they are back in LA she discourages him from going on boys’ nights out.” However, with Brad’s wedding pact in place, the boys’ club is back on.

As part of his “more freedom” requests, the actor asked for Ange to lift her Jennifer Aniston ban too. Brad insisted they’re just good friends. He wants to remain in touch with Jen without repercussions. “Ange lost it when he demanded this but she reluctantly relented when Brad threatened to cancel the Big Day,” spilled an insider. He also insisted she stopped getting jealous of his female co-stars. A pal added, “Ange was really nasty toward his Inglourious Basterds co-star Diane Kruger. She’s had several affairs with her co-stars and worries that Brad might do the same. He’s told her he needs more trust.”

Wanting to boost his career the actor demanded he’s given the opportunity to take on more film roles too. Currently the couple have a system so that one parent is always with the kids, yet Brad thinks Ange always rigs the rota to favour her more. “Brad feels like he has been passing up on some good roles because of family commitments,” revealed a pal. “He wasn’t allowed to film the movie adaptation of his fave video game Red Dead Redemption because it clashed with Ange’s film projects. He doesn’t want that to happen any more.”

Ange Says ‘I Do’
To show Brad how committed she is to his conditions Angelina bought him a wedding ring, costing Dhs917,500. Close aides revealed that the friend-less star has also agreed to seek advice from a psychiatrist to help with her aggressive mood swings, and disorders. “She’s desperate to make their relationship work. She realises that her depression and bad eating habits are reflecting badly on the kids,” revealed an insider. “Brad also told her he doesn’t find a bag of bones sexy so she’s trying to be healthier in order to save their romance.”

The actress has also agreed to stop using the kids for publicity stunts and even apologised to Brad’s parents after shouting at them when they reprimanded her over her lax attitude toward motherhood. An aide spilled, “She knows in order for the marriage to work she must be accepted by his family so she apologised. She also realised they were right and has started taking the kids to the park, spoiling them over Christmas and taking them shopping. She’s starting to act more like a mum.”

While Brad admires Ange’s charity work, he feels she spends more time on her campaigns than her family, so as a result the recent trip to Namibia will be her last one for a while. “He said she had to reduce her activities. So she has,” insisted a source. The couple’s generous Dhs7.8million donation to an African wild life sanctuary was hinted to not only be their wedding gift to the world but the large sum was made to make up for Ange’s cut backs in volunteering.

“Angelina is giving up on a lot in order to please Brad. He’s finally in control and she’s desperate for him not to leave her. Without him her career and life would be over,” added an insider. “So for the first time ever, both Brad and Ange have finally agreed to each other’s terms and said ‘I do’.”

Brad’s Pre-Wedding Demands
Lighten up.
• Stop using kids for publicity.
• Spend quality time with existing kids before adopting more.
• Be nice to George Clooney.
• Allow Brad more time with Jennifer Aniston.
• Stop being jealous of his friendships with his female co-stars.
• Cut back on the charity.
• Allow Brad to take more film roles.