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What age is too young to start having Botox treatments?
Tuesday , 26 April 2011
Botox Advice

A reader asks: I'm 28 and I’ve lived in Dubai for three years. When I first moved to the UAE I did a lot of sunbathing, which has left my face fairly wrinkly. I’ve spent a fortune on facials and expensive moisturisers, but there’s no improvement in my skin. I’m interested in Botox, but I’m not really sure how it works or if it’s even safe. Can you fill me in? Katie, The Springs, Dubai

An expert answers:

"If you think your lines are making you look older than your 28 years and it bothers you, I would say that Botox is definitely a good option," says Dr Leandro Junquerira, specialist plastic surgeon at Obagi MediSpa in Dubai Mall ( "I know there’s a popular opinion that starting Botox in your 20s is too young, but in fact, it’s the best time to try it because having it earlier prevents lines from forming, which makes them easier to treat. In the States, five million people had Botox in 2009 (2010 figures are yet to be released) and almost 30 per cent were under 30. Likewise at Obagi Medispa, around 40 per cent of our clients opt for Botox, so it’s an extremely popular procedure. See it as an intensive beauty treatment, where your doctor injects your skin with a wrinkle-busting serum. The amount of jabs you’ll need depends on the area of the face and how many lines you have, but it’s a very quick and easy procedure. The cosmetic jabs then temporarily iron out wrinkles, by way of paralysing facial muscles in the short term. Admittedly, visions of frozen faces come to mind when you think of this treatment, but when carried out properly, around every six to eight months, the results are very natural-looking. With regards to safety, relax. Botox was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in the early 90s for use in cosmetic procedures, so it’s very safe.”

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