Boring Victoria Beckham?

Victoria Beckham voted world's least fun celebrity but we love her anyway
Tuesday , 30 October 2012
Boring Victoria Beckham?
The most boring celeb, like, ever?

We think she might actually be a bit of a laugh. Evidence: she likes a glass of grape, has loads of disposable income, is a pro at baby-body bounce-backs and must know some brilliant Spice Girl secrets. What’s not to love?

But, apparently, the general public doesn’t agree and have voted poor old Vic to be the ‘Least Fun Celebrity in the World’. Harsh! She beat out Madonna and Tom Cruise as the planet’s dullest star in a survey by the website JackpotJoy, though we doubt Vic will lose any sleep over it. We all know that people who smile all the time look ridiculous anyway.

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