Boost Your Race Times

18 Mar 2013

Unhappy with your racing performance? We know how you can get back in the spirit of things

Q I’ve been running for a while and at the last race I didn’t get the time I expected. I was pretty unhappy with my performance and I’m not in the mood to run any more. My friends want me to join them for another race and I can’t get back into the spirit of things. Help! Name supplied.
A It sounds like some good ol’ self-doubt has crept in. And yet, what a great experience for you to learn from in order to be even better in the future! So, take a look at your time. Was it truly that abysmal? If so, approach it like an experiment. Is there something you could have improved upon physically, mentally or nutritionally? Be honest. Maybe you had just assumed that a long history in running should guarantee the best results? Or maybe you feel others have judged you as a result? Regardless, you must allow yourself some ups and downs. What would you tell someone else if it were them? Certainly not “stay at home” I am sure. Start back with the idea of just having fun and train for a shorter or equal distance. Your confidence will rise again and then you can start fine tuning things.– Melanie

Dr Melanie Schlatter
PhD Consultant Health Psychologist. She unblocks those mental hurdles.

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