Boost Your Body Image

Battling a negative body image? Image consultant Rebecca Foley knows how to make it positive. We’ve got more on her newly launched classes in Dubai
Thursday , 08 March 2012
Rebecca Foley
Rebecca Foley
A Live.Learn.Style class at DUCTAC
A Live.Learn.Style class at DUCTAC

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with images of waif-thin models and picture-perfect actresses, body image is a serious issue for many women. It’s a challenge to deal with this, particularly for young girls, and that’s where Rebecca Foley hopes to help. A qualified teacher and now a mother, Rebecca is also a certified image consultant and personal stylist. Realising that low self-esteem and a negative body image can become a hurdle for someone to reach their potential both personally and professionally, she founded Live.Learn.Style in February 2012. We’ve got more on it.

Tell us more about Live.Learn.Style
Live.Learn.Style is a company devoted to building confidence and self-esteem in children and young women across Dubai. With backgrounds in both education and image and etiquette consulting, we offer services and courses relating to personal style and presentation for adults, teenagers and kids. Our focus is on increasing self-esteem and promoting a positive body image in individuals and groups of individuals across the UAE.

What made you start such a business?
Having taught in Australia, the UK and Dubai, I have witnessed firsthand how a negative body image can lead to low self-esteem, unhealthy eating habits, anxiety and depression among children and teenagers. It is increasingly harder for students to perform at school when they do not feel good about themselves. We started Live.Learn.Style to educate children and teens about the importance of self-confidence and a positive body image and social etiquette.

Who can take part in your courses?
Our courses are open to girls between the ages of four and 22 years and boys between the ages of four and 10 years.

Do you have courses for those above this age?
Yes, we offer one-on-one service for adults. We can tailor the courses to their needs. Services range from personal styling to business etiquette and we also offer corporate services in business dressing and protocol. Plus, there are services for men in styling too.

Where are the courses held?
Classes are currently running out of DUCTAC MOE and we will be running some holiday courses at BoHouse Cafe JBR as well.

INFO: The 10 week course costs from Dhs750 to Dhs1,750. The next course would start between 11 and 19 April 2012 and next term course from 22 April 2012. DUCTAC, Mall of Emirates, Dubai. For more information call 04 451 8958 or visit