Bon Jovi fans’ fury

03 Nov 2009

Die-hard supporters blast ‘greedy’ band over shocking ticket prices

BON JOVI have been slammed by fans over the band's upcoming London residency - with many devotees branding the tickets "overpriced".

The rockers are set to make the British capital their home while they play 10 gigs at the The O2 venue, starting from June.

Tickets went on sale on Friday, but the group's most loyal followers were left angry over the prices - with the highest priced seats on offer for a staggering $2,080 (£1,300).

And fans are calling for Bon Jovi to rethink their prices - with many insisting they simply can't afford the hefty charges.

On the group's website, one devotee writes, "I have been a fan for the past 24 years... and today is the saddest day as for the first tour since then I am unable to get tickets due to the ridiculously over stated prices! The only tickets available are £200 + booking in London. GUTTED! And very disappointed!! Have they not heard we are going through a recession!"

Another angry supporters adds, "The prices of the tickets are ludicrous. You really let us down this time, guys."

One devotee attacks Bon Jovi for writing about the current global economic crisis on their latest record: "Writing an album about the world problems with recession, then doing what they've done could lose (them) a lot of respect. The prices are just a mockery."

Other tickets are on sale for between $72 and $320.