Bollywood at the Venice Film Festival

Actress Preity Zinta is going to be honoured with a sparkling and special award
Sunday , 04 September 2011
Bollywood at the Venice Film Festival
© Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta’s set to make a splash at the ongoing Venice Film Festival. The Bollywood actress, will be honoured for bringing cultural harmony to her work, at the fest.

Preity will be presented with the World Diamond Group Platinum Award for Peoples' Friendship at the Kineo Diamanti al Cinema event for her contribution towards reconciliation and cultural harmony among people of different cultures.

And the star gets to take home a very special memento – she’ll be given a white olive tree, with its tree trunk sculpted off a block of Carrara hand-carved marble, and its branches and leaves fashioned out of 3,333 grams of platinum and 3,003 diamonds - 2,503 marquise cut and 500 new 82 facets round cut - adding to a total of 366 carats!

Before leaving for the festival, an excited Preity posted on her Twitter page: "It's time to say goodbye to French Fries and Hi to French Fashion! Yess... I am leaving for Venice Film Festival. So excited."

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