Bollywood Family Feud

Did Bollywood actor Govinda really threaten to kill his brother-in-law?
Monday , 05 September 2011
Bollywood Family Feud
© Bollywood actor Govinda
Bollywood actor Govinda

Bollywood actor and former politician Govinda has denied allegations that he slapped and threatened to kill his brother-in-law, Praveen Khanna, over a financial disagreement.

Govinda reportedly abused Khanna during a meeting at the Indian Motion Pictures' Producers Association (IMPPA), but the actor says that’s not what happened.

"For many years now, from the time I joined politics, I have been a victim of conspiracies. I don't know why my brother-in-law accused me," Govinda said in a statement.

The tiff between the two started back in 1996, when Khanna launched a film called Dil Laga Ke Dekho with Govinda in the lead . The star refused to complete the shoot and the movie was ultimately shelved in 2003.