Bobbi Kristina Brown in Car Crash

Bobbi Kristina Brown wrecked her Chevy Camaro car but was uninjured after a crash in Alpharetta, Georgia
Wednesday , 28 November 2012
Bobbi Kristina Brown in Car Crash
Bobbi Kristina Brown should start taking taxis!

Bobbi Kristina Brown was unhurt after wrecking her car in a frightening crash on 28 November.

The daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown is believed to have lost control of her Chevy Camaro when leaving her apartment complex in Alpharetta, Georgia and drove down an embankment before coming to a stop on a local park trail.

According to gossip website TMZ she was cited by police for "failure to maintain lane".

This is Bobbi's third crash in recent months. Earlier this month she accidentally struck her former fiance Nick Gordon's Camaro with her own vehicle in the parking garage of the apartment complex, causing severe damage to the front of his sports car.

Bobbi had followed Nick back to their apartment in her own Camaro and as she tried to back into the parking space next to his, she struck his vehicle.

That accident comes just weeks after Bobbi Kristina, 19 and 22-year-ol Nick were involved in another crash that damaged his car.

The couple had been arguing at the time of the collision - which destroyed the entire front end of the vehicle - and Nick's Camaro was the only car involved. No one was injured.

After the accident, the car was left without a front bumper and right front tire, and the airbags were deployed, but it somehow got back to the former couple's home.

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