Bobbi Brown during her online webcast from New York

Bobbi Brown's New Book

08 Sep 2010

Shannon Wylie chats to the make-up expert in an exclusive first ever webcast

Expert make-up artist and author Bobbi Brown has just signed off from her first ever global webcast to promote the launch of her new book Beauty Rules.

In the online podcast Bobbi spoke to journalists who were plugged in around the world and Ahlan! Live was right there too. Shannon Wylie tuned in to find out what Bobbi thinks about the beauty world and had her question answered by Bobbi via an online phone.

After Bobbi gave an introduction to her book she was open to questions which were fed to the New York based artist via an online feed. We asked: “Based in the Middle East we’re surrounded my beauty and riches but how do you use make-up to make you more powerful as you said?”

Bobbi answered: “Power to me doesn’t mean what it did in the 80s with big shoulder pads. Today’s it’s about happiness and the confidence. It’s not about black eyeliner, although I love it and while it’s as good as a little black dress, it’s about using make-up to make you look prettier and feel better."

For more on Bobbi's tips head to the Ahlan! Health and Beautypage for more on the story.

Bobbi Brown’s book Beauty Rules is launching in the Middle East later this year. It’s the sixth book in her collection and is designed for real teens and women in their early twenties who want to know the rules and how to break them to be “the best you, you can be.”

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