Bob Sinclar Chats to Ahlan! During His Doha Visit

The international DJ spoke to us about dance music trends and keeping ultra fit while in Qatar for a show at the Grand Hyatt beachfront on 31 October
ByDawn GibsonSunday , 03 November 2013
Bob Sinclar Chats to Ahlan! During His Doha Visit
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As one of the world’s best known DJs, you have a fairly packed schedule of touring and recording. How’s it all going at the moment?

At the moment it’s ok. I moved in September last year from France to Los Angeles, so when I’m not on tour I like to enjoy my free time, playing sport and making music in a good place.

You’ve released music with Pit Bull, Sean Paul, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Shaggy, to name just a few. You’ve also been busy promoting your Summer Moonlight single and the Paris by Night compilation recently. What’s next on the agenda?

Do you know how the dance music market is at the moment? There’s a massive invasion of young producers who like to format their sound based on the biggest DJs.  At the same time, they discover that, if you have a computer and the right software, all the sounds are pre-recorded so it’s all the same sound. This is the worst part of this explosion. The beautiful part is that loads of kids are coming into the scene.

As a producer, and I’ve been here for a long time now, my goal is to be different, so I bring something new, a different sound or whatever. I’m searching for something. It’s not my priority to find a superstar to sing with – my priority is not to make my name bigger – I’m looking for some good artistic connections.

I don’t know whether you heard about a project I did called Made in Jamaica? It was a project I had in mind after going there in 2006 and meeting Gary Pine, the singer of Love Generation. He told me that I had to discover this island, and I also read a lot of books about the hip-hop culture and the DJ scene there. So I visited the island and met producers Sly & Robbie, and decided to make an acoustic reggae album, like a ‘best of,’ – I totally rearranged all of my songs -- and I spent 15 days with them. It was an amazing time because it was a mash-up of cultures, of different genres. They’ve worked with Bob Marley, so it was very impressive.

You recently did a feature article with Vanity Fair Italy, for which you were photographed quite provocatively. Did you find that uncomfortable at all?

It was shot in July on [the Greek island of] Mykonos. I was worried a little because I’m not a model but Vanity Fair, for me, was the only magazine to do it for.

You’re in fabulous shape.  How do you keep yourself that way?

They all say that! (laughs). You know, you are what you eat. You don’t need to diet if you eat well. If you eat just what you need you will be in good shape. And every day you need to do something –  you don’t need to go to the gym but you need to do something.

This is your second time in Doha but I know you are a regular visitor to the Middle East. How do you find the crowds here?

I’ve played in Syria and I’ve played in Dubai. I try to play almost everywhere. The club community is a huge community and I think the young generation still wants somewhere where they can really communicate. You know, we don’t communicate any more – we have Twitter, we have that – but we don’t meet any more. Clubbing is a good way to bring people together.

INFO:  Promoter DreaMotion Entertainment has confirmed that they expect to bring Sinclar back to Doha for another show in October 2014.