Bob Geldof Rocks On!

Bob Geldof talks about family secrets, Beyoncé and almost launching Madonna’s career
Thursday , 22 March 2012
Bob Geldof
Bob Geldof
The Geldofs in 2005: Fifi Trixibelle, Tiger Lily, Bob, Pixie, Peaches
The Geldofs in 2005: Fifi Trixibelle, Tiger Lily, Bob, Pixie, Peaches
Team Ahlan! and Bob
Team Ahlan! and Bob
Bob and Madge
Bob and Madge

more than 30 years in rock ‘n’ roll Sir Bob Geldof is showing no signs of
slowing down. The Irish singer is busier than ever with his humanitarian work, writing
new music, and live global performances. And when his reformed wild child
daughter Peaches gives birth next month Sir Bob will have grandfather duties to
add to his list. Ahlan! caught up
with the Boomtown Rats former frontman ahead of his pre-Paddy’s Day concert at
the Irish Village.

is your home but it’s always sunny in Dubai, would you consider buying a pad

That’s like, ‘Would I buy a place in Italy?’ No. It’s just another f***ing
house. You just get another plumber ringing you up to tell you your pipes have
burst! You know, forget it. Every key is a responsibility.

name’s synonymous with St Patrick’s Day at the Irish Village having performed
there for the last six years, what keeps you coming back for more?

I’ve been coming to Dubai since 1978 en route to
Australia. In those days Dubai was basically a warehouse with water in front of
it with a duty-free shop in the warehouse. I’ve been playing every St Patrick’s
Day at the Irish Village for the last six or seven years and it’s been
extraordinary to see this part of the world grow.

What are your thoughts on the current generation of pop stars?
Rihanna and Lady gaga are not my cup of tea but I get it. I saw Gaga perform
and she was really good but they’re reiterations of a theme. For Gaga’s
generation this alter ego that appears on stage is fascinating, but I’ve seen
it before with David Bowie. Lana Del Rey is another who invented herself and she’s
pretty but I’m not crazy about the music. I do love Beyoncé, she’s too beautiful of a woman with a voice
that goes on forever. For every mega-billion selling Rihanna, there’s a
mega-billion selling Adele or Amy Winehouse. Lilly Allen is great too but she’s
off having babies now.

Wow! You seem to love the ladies, any other female performers of note?

Madonna at the Super Bowl was amazing! I know her
but I thought, ‘What?! Calm down girl!’ Her first big gig was Live Aid. I
didn’t help launch her career but it certainly didn’t do her any harm either.

How important is it for celebs to use their star power to change the

of all, don’t use the word celebrity. What is a celebrity? A celebrity is
someone who is famous for I don’t know what. Britney Spears, who I think is
great, has been great for my girls. I have four girls and because Britney lent
her fame to cancer awareness, my girls all got checked, that is a net good.
They wouldn’t have gone if I’d told them, but because it’s Britney they’re
health aware. The impact her involvement had on my family was huge.

You wrote your autobiography Is
That It?
almost 30 years ago, do you plan to update it?

I wrote
my autobiography when I was only 33. It was after Live Aid and Band Aid and I
didn’t accept any money for them so I’d spent all my money and needed to do
something quick. At the time there was all this Saint Bob sh*t about me and I
had to let them understand I’m in rock ‘n’ roll, I like sh**ging and stuff! I
thought it was stupid to write a book at 33 but they asked me and I did in 12
weeks. Next thing I know the book is on the Oxford and Cambridge English
Literature course.
I suppose enough has happened in the last 30 years to warrant updating it.
But there are too many people alive, and my children have all been born
subsequently and I don’t want to hurt them or have stuff in there that they
don’t need to know. So the answer is no!

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