Peaches was seen out with Max this week after rumours of a split

Bob Finally Meets Max

01 Dec 2008

After four months of marriage Sir Bob is introduced to Peaches' hubby

SIR BOB GELDOF has finally met his new son-in-law MAX DRUMMEY - four months after his wildchild daughter PEACHES wed the musician in Las Vegas.

The teenage socialite, 19, exchanged vows with Drummey in a surprise ceremony in August.

Sir Bob was alleged to be furious at his daughter for marrying a man he'd never met, but Peaches has now made amends by introducing her dad to her husband during a recent trip to New York, where the rocker-turned-philanthropist was celebrating his 54th birthday.

Peaches says, "Max and I were flying back from London on my dad's birthday.

He was having dinner in New York with Bono and some other friends, so me and Max joined them. They got on well."

And the former Boomtown Rats star is so impressed with Max, he's invited the budding rocker to join his family for Christmas in London.

Peaches adds, "My family want to have a proper Christmas this year. I want to come back to London for it but we are just waiting to see if Max can fit it into his schedule. He has been on tour promoting his new record and he has lots of gigs lined up."

The couple's union was recently rocked by reports claiming they are to divorce, but Peaches and Maxhave put on a show of unity to prove critics wrong.

Peaches is offended by allegations she married only to raise her profile, insisting she loves being Mrs. Drummey, despite only dating him for four months before tying the knot: "It hurts when people said I wed for attention. Why would I do that?

"I am a wife and I love it. Every couple argues, but people spin things out of proportion and say we are divorcing after one argument. I wish people would stop putting their nose into my relationships... I'm married and I am making it work and everyone slagging me off is unnecessary."