Blue-Blooded A-listers

15 Nov 2011

While most celebs are treated like royalty, it turns out that quite a few actually have regal roots

Paris Hilton
While many of us cringed when the hotel heiress was quoted saying: “I’m the closest thing to American royalty,” it turns out there may have been more substance to her claim than perhaps she even realised. The socialite is a distant relative of Henry II, who is also an ancestor of Brad Pitt. We bet he’d be so proud.

Celine Dion
As different as Celine and Prince Charles’ wife Camilla Parker Bowles seem, it turns out they share a common French-Canadian ancestor. Camilla’s great-grandparent from nine generations ago is Jean Guyon, who lived between 1619 and 1694 in Quebec. Celine is also a descendant of Jean, and her family still live in Quebec.

Jamie Leigh Curtis
We know her as a Scream Queen for roles in horrors such as Terror Train and Halloween, but the actress is also titled thanks to her marriage with Christopher Guest. The This Is Spinal Tap writer inherited the Barony of Haden-Guest in 1996, when his father died, making Jamie Lady Haden-Guest.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake acted royalty in the Prince of Persia, which may have come naturally to him due to a number of royal connections. With his sister Maggie, he is a descendant of King Edward III, and related to the noble Gyllenhaal family of Sweden. Some people have all the luck!

Ellen DeGeneres
The stand-up comedienne and TV host found out earlier this year she is the 15th cousin of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and was hoping the discovery would lead to a front-row seat at the Royal wedding. She joked on her show, “I’m definitely invited to the wedding now... Let me know if you need me to plan the bachelorette party. Because I found some straws that are shaped like... well, never mind.” As far as we know the family ties didn’t help out on this occasion.

Brooke Shields
The American actress is a direct descendant of King Henry VI and a cousin, many generations removed, of Louis XIV of France. She was told about her impressive family tree on the TV show Who Do You Think You Are?, and then wondered if her lineage had indirectly led her to study French culture while at University.

Hugh Grant
The Four Weddings And A Funeral actor has often been papped with royalty, but it turns out he’s got a royal-claim of his own. Ancestry records show he is a descendant of Henry VII, the first monarch of the House of Tudor.

Robert Pattinson
Princes William and Harry are lucky enough to be distant cousins of the English actor, with all three sharing Vlad the Impaler as a distant uncle. Perhaps the blood he shares with Vlad, who is believed to be the main inspiration for Dracula, helped him act so convincingly as a vampire in the Twilight films.