Bloomsbury Dubai to Launch the World’s Most Expensive Edible Cupcake

The concept behind it? Let them eat cake!
Sunday , 24 June 2012
Bloomsbury Dubai to Launch the World’s Most Expensive Edible Cupcake
This is where you'll be able to check out the world's most expensive edible cupcake

We're never short of fancy cupcakes here in Dubai. The latest news from this sweet world? Bloomsbury Boutique Café, set to open at The Dubai Mall, will be unveiling the world’s most expensive edible cupcake at its launch event on Thursday 28 June.

Edible, you ask? While cupcake brands over the world have introduced pricy cupcakes galore, those are usually gold-plated or diamond-encrusted – hardly fit for consumption. This cupcake, however, promises to be infused with the world’s finest chocolates, among other ingredients, perhaps even gold and certain other gems – but all edible.

“We decided that we would take the realistic approach and present the most expensive ‘edible’ cupcake in the world using the real meaning of the words – Let them eat cake,’” said Vinay Lall from Tablez Food Company, who announced the opening of Bloomsbury at The Dubai Mall.

Bloomsbury, which was conceived by Shaffeena Yousuf Ali on a trip to the UK, has already brought the taste of luxurious English boutique dining to the UAE with the Abu Dhabi branch that was launched last year and since then has sold a record number of cupcakes. “Our aim is to redefine the cupcakes in the Gulf, why can’t a cupcake taste as good as it looks and look as good as it tastes,” said Shaffeena. So be prepared for a true delight for the eyes as well as the taste buds once their priciest cupcake is available!

The cupcake will be launched during the opening of the café and will be available on their menu on a 40-hour order basis.

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