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Blood Group Diet

02 May 2011

The one with the four blood group based food essentials

CELEBRITY FANS: Cheryl Cole, Liz Hurley, Courteney Cox, Demi Moore

WHAT’S INVOLVED: This diet is said to work best for junk food addicts who are meant to see results faster. However, it is also extremely popular among female stars who use it as a quick route to gaining that red carpet perfect bod. The Blood Group Diet was created by Dr Peter D'Adamo who developed four diets, each one specific for different blood types. He believes that by adjusting your diet in accordance to what your ancestors ate you can lose weight fast and feel healthier. He breaks it down into:

  • Blood Group O, The Hunter
    Recommended diet:  High protein and high meat
  • Blood Group A, The Cultivator
    Recommended diet: Largely vegetable-based
  • Blood Group B, The Nomad
    Recommended diet: Mainly dairy products
  • Blood Group A, The Enigma (Dr D’Adamo is stumped on this group as it’s only recently evolved)
    Recommended diet: A combination of the others


  • To check your blood type with your doctor
  • A book on the Blood Group Diet to help you with your diet plans and to ensure you’re eating right for your type
  • Once you know your bloody type fill your trolley accordingly...
    Blood Group O. Meat and fish. No dairy or wheat
    Blood Group A. Pasta, wheats, nuts, seeds and vegetables
    Blood Group B. Everything. The only restrictions are processed foods, nuts and seeds.
    Blood Group AB. A combination of above

VERDICT: Do your research before following this diet. For example, if you’re vegan and a blood type O, you’re going to have a problem! Also eliminating whole food groups is not beneficial in the long term.

Have you tried this diet? If so, let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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