Blast Your Bunions!

Learn from Posh’s mistakes and lift the stiletto curse forever!
Blast Your Bunions!
Posh has been forced into flats she “beyond hates” because of her bunions!

While those six-inch Manolos may look fabulous, they could be playing havoc with your tootsies. With a host of stiletto-loving celebs including Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton sporting unsightly bumps bulging from their dainty strappies, the bunion is fast becoming the curse of the modern fashionista.

Victoria’s bunions are said to have gotten so painful recently, she’s ditched her signature skyscrapers for comfy flats, and is now facing painful surgery to remove them.

“She is in such agony, she is having to put ice on her feet and do daily exercises in a desperate bid to avoid having the bunionectomy operations advised by her doctors,” spilled a pal.
But before you have to retire your beloved heels, or face a painful op like Posh, Star Style reveals how to blast those bunions before they appear…

What Are They?
A bunion is a bony deformation that forms at the joint of the foot and the big toe, which grows and swells over time. The most likely cause for bunions among women is consistent wearing of vertiginous heels, which is why Posh is a prime target. They can be extremely painful and can affect your posture, and in extreme cases, require risky surgery which will have you out of your killer heels for months.

How To Avoid Them
While experts advise you not to wear heels higher than 2.5 inches and to throw away shoes which “don’t look like the shape of a human foot,” there are some preventative measures you can take without discarding your foot candy completely. The most important thing is to give your feet a rest wherever possible by alternating between heels and flats.

How To Treat Them
While surgery is the only way to eradicate bunions once they appear, there are ways to reduce the swelling without going under the knife. Switch to comfortable shoes rather than painful heels, or wear orthotic pads inside your shoe to disperse pressure (Posh fits many of her shoes with these). Lastly, icing your feet will relieve the pain and reduce swelling.