Blake Lively

Blake Vs Scarlett

19 Jan 2011

The actresses launch Hollywood’s biggest rival war

Sources claim rivals Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson have become embroiled in a bitter battle involving T’Town’s leading men, in a bid to become Hollywood’s most sought after actress.

Blake and Scarlett, who recently dumped their respective partners, were spotted on the hunt for an A-list man at Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner’s 40th birthday bash. An eyewitness spilled. “They were flitting from one actor to the next.”

Blake’s Lust For Leo

Gossip Girl star Blake was seen making a beeline for leading man Leonardo DiCaprio the moment she walked in the party. “They were on the balcony together for an hour. They were standing close in a corner. There was lots of flirting. Later, they were together again by the bar,” revealed a spy.

This is the second time Blake has been accused of trying to get her claws into Leo. She was previously spotted dining with the actor after discovering he acquired the role of Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. “Blake wanted the role of Daisy Buchanan and thought seducing Leo would get her the part,” spilled an insider. “Yet, her efforts were wasted as director Baz Luhrmann hired Carey Mulligan instead.”

Although the Titanic actor is dating model Bar Refaeli, sources believe he’s fallen for Blake’s charms, insisting, “He’s besotted with Blake.”

Before trying to snare Leo, the 23-year-old actress was also linked to Ryan Gosling and was allegedly rejected by Ryan Reynolds.

Scarlett's Flirt Fest

Sources say Lost In Translation star Scarlett is renowned for her highly sexual persona. Perhaps determined to outdo Blake, Scarlett spent most of her time with Leo’s companion, Kevin Connolly, her He’s Not That Into You co-star. “They were together all night,” said a source. “They weren’t kissing, just flirting.”

In 2005 ScarJo infamously made a name for herself when she had a rumoured romantic encounter with Benicio Del Toro in a lift at the notorious Los Angeles Chateau Marmont hotel. At the time she was reportedly dating both Josh Harnett and Ryan Reynolds.

With the actresses mixing in the same social circles and auditioning for the same roles, an insider insists, “This war has only just begun. This could be Hollywood’s most vicious rivalry yet.”