Blake Shelton Disses Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell must have a lot of "free time" because he spends so much of it moaning, claims Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton Disses Simon Cowell
Annoying much, Simon Cowell?

Simon Cowell should stop “mouthing off” about other shows, says Blake Shelton.

Country singer Blake is one of the mentors on US show The Voice, which is airing an episode at the same time as the second season premiere of America’s X Factor on 12 September.

X Factor judge Simon has expressed his displeasure about the decision, which Blake thinks is ridiculous.

“Every time I turn around the guy is mouthing off,” he told Access Hollywood. “Don’t y’all wish you had time to sit around and b**** and moan like that guy does? Every time I turn around, he’s mouthing off about our show. It’s like, ‘Do your own show! Come on! Put something together there and do your thing. We’ll just do ours and we won’t mouth off about you.’ I wish I had that much time. The guy must just have more free time than he knows what to do with.”

Blake insists there is room for all the talent shows around because they are all so different. He is especially proud of The Voice though, because the people involved with it aren’t judges.

Blake, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine form teams of singers which compete. He believes the show’s premise is so strong it has forced the others to step up their game.

“When we have something to say to somebody on stage, we’re not just saying it from a judgment standpoint. We’re saying it from, ‘Well, here’s what I did, and it worked for me. Let me show you.’ I think that’s the difference, and that’s probably why we’re seeing it on the other shows,” he said.