Blake Lively Pregnant?

Showing off a bulging bod, Blake Lively sparks off rumours that she and Ryan Reynolds are ready for parenthood
Tuesday , 07 August 2012
Blake's looking heavier than usual!
Blake's looking heavier than usual!
Blake was super skinny ...
Blake was super skinny ...
Ryan’s ready to be a dad!
Ryan’s ready to be a dad!

Ryan Reynolds has been ready for fatherhood for years, and he’s finally getting his chance as girlfriend Blake Lively packs on the pounds! An insider gushed to the National Enquirer, “Ryan has been aching to start a family, so this is his dream come true.” About Blake, the source dished, “She’s even given up [drinking] already,” and both their families are said to be on board with the plan.

“She and Ryan are ready to go for it, even without a wedding,” the source added. We believe it! One of the reasons that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan’s marriage didn’t last is allegedly because ScarJo didn’t want to have kids, so he found an A-list broody blonde who wants to start a family.

We’re used to seeing Blake skinny as a rail as she plays Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, so we were shocked to see her bod starting to bulge! And we mean bulge, including quite a protruding belly which she showed off by a pool in upstate New York.

A source told the National Enquirer, “Blake told friends that she purposely put on 10lb so she could have a baby as soon as possible.” And it looks like that time is now. Blake’s risen to the top in Hollywood with the help of her great body, so we can only think of one reason why she would let it go, and all arrows point to pregnancy!

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