Blake Lively

Blake Lively: Hollywood’s new darling

01 Feb 2011

How did she do it!? We reveal her five steps to fame

Thanks to her lead role in the addictive series Gossip Girl, her high profile romances and her enviable wardrobe, Blake Lively has become Hollywood’s ultimate IT girl. Everyone knows her and everyone wants to know more about her. She is Tinseltown’s hottest property, who seemingly can’t do wrong (even though her acting skills are questionable). Ahlan! uncovers the star’s rapid rise to fame and why everyone adores her.

She had an easy start

Blake’s transition to the world of showbiz was inevitable with acting parents and five older siblings also involved in the industry. “Blake started acting classes when she was just a young kid,” spilled a family pal. “Her parents couldn’t afford babysitters so they took Blake to their acting classes and she learnt everything she knows before she was 15.” However, the 23-year-old was never interested in becoming a star. “When she was 15, her brother Eric took her out of school and they embarked on a trip around Europe,” revealed a source. “That whole time Eric tried to convince her to start an acting career.”

On her return from Europe she reluctantly auditioned for her breakthrough role as Bridget in The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants in 2005. Though her co-star America Ferrera found international success first as Ugly Betty, Blake’s subsequent role in 2007 as rich socialite Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl propelled her into the spotlight, eclipsing America’s achievements.

She’s a serial seductress

Her role as Serena has given her access to all of Hollywood. “As Serena she plays the pretty IT girl with a wicked past, basically she’s everyman’s dream and consequently Blake has become that too,” insisted an insider.

At a statuesque 5ft 10ins, Blake’s a blonde bombshell with voluptuous assets that she uses to attain her roles. “She pretends to play down her feminine charms, but she uses them to gain her roles. That’s why directors are hotfooting to sign her up,” revealed an insider. “She likes to remind directors of how her looks secure a large, mainly male, audience.” When Blake battled for the role as Daisy in remake of The Great Gatsby, she not only set up a dinner date with director Baz Luhrmann, but also with the main lead, Leonardo DiCaprio.

“She met them for dinner and flirted in a desperate bid to get the role,” spilled an eyewitness. “They seemed very impressed with her.” Yet, in the end it wasn’t enough to get the role, which went to Carey Mulligan instead.

However, that didn’t stop Blake’s pursuit for A-list star Leo. “Blake’s desperate to date Leo,” insisted a source. “She virtually stalks him at every celebrity event and he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s so besotted he’s willing to help boost her career.”

Help from her hunky co-stars

It’s no coincidence that Blake has been linked to all the leading men that she has starred with. “Angelina Jolie is her role model, she thinks that to get roles you have to manipulate the male leads,” explained a pal. “Blake knew Penn Badgley since she was 11 yet only started dating him around the time of Gossip Girl.” Adding, “She used him to get the role.” Now with the third season of Gossip Girl under her belt, Blake ditched Penn and has since been linked to a series of co-stars.

Scarlett Johansson had blazing rows with her estranged hubby, Ryan Reynolds when Blake was cast alongside him in new comic movie The Green Lantern. A source revealed, “Scarlett sees Blake as a huge threat. They are both pretty blondes with mediocre acting skills who use their womanly figures to get roles.” Adding, “They are both fighting over the same roles now and the same A-list men. That’s why neither got the role as Daisy in The Great Gatsby. Their behaviour was outrageous and embarrassing.”

Jennifer Garner was also said to be fuming at how close her husband, Ben Affleck, was getting to his The Town co-star. “Jen thought Blake was crossing the line with her overtly flirtatious behaviour toward Ben,” revealed a pal.

The actress has also been linked to Ryan Gosling, yet Hollywood’s golden boy ditched the actress when realising he was being used. Now pals are worried Blake’s growing reputation as a tease could affect her future – “She wants to be as big as Ange but she shouldn’t be the same. Ange is pretty much hated in Hollywood, Blake is loved at the moment. If she just keeps to her clean-cut image and stops the flirting she’ll get the roles without the bad press.”

A good role model

One of Blake’s saving graces is her clean lifestyle – Blake doesn’t drink or do drugs. “There wasn’t a period in my life where I was doing drugs and having sex with my best friend’s boyfriend. I never went through that kind of crazy,” explained the star. “In reality I’m goofy and insecure. Some days, I wake up, and I’m like ‘Oh, I look good today!’ And some days, I wake up and feel like I look like a tranny.”

Unlike Lindsay Lohan who’s viewed as a liability to producers, Blake is seen as reliable and trustworthy and for that they can overlook the ability. “LiLo is a better actress yet she comes with baggage that’s not worth the insurance. Blake however may not be as great at delivering her lines, but she’s more attractive and clean,” spilled
a producer. “That’s rare in Hollywood.”

She is fashion’s hottest star

It’s not just the film industry that’s fallen for the leggy blonde, the world of la mode is just as captivated, with US Vogue editor Anna Wintour mesmerised by the star.
So enraptured by Blake’s natural attributes – which she credits to her mum, a former model – Anna turned her into a muse. “She became a modern, relevant piece of arm candy to Anna,” said an insider.

And Blake isn’t complaining – “I was speaking with Anna Wintour and we were just talking about different fashion houses and I said, ‘I love Chanel,’ and she said, ‘You should come with me to the show.’ I also said I loved Dior. She said ‘OK, well I’ll take you to the Chanel and Dior shows and we’ll meet with Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano afterwards.’ Insane!”

After much schmoozing with Ms Vogue and cavorting with fashion’s greats, Blake was soon named as the new face of Chanel. “She’s Anna’s protégé,” insisted a source. “She did as she was told and wore what she was told. Soon every single fashion label wanted her but Lagerfeld beat them to it.”

Now with the hottest directors and biggest designers all vying for her attention, Blake Lively has become one of Hollywood’s most prolific stars. “2011 is going to be a big year for Blake” insisted a showbiz insider. “Next step now is world domination…” Watch this space!