Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Party Together

02 Nov 2011

It was a Lively birthday for Ryan

It’s often difficult to know what to buy someone when their birthday comes up after you’ve recently started dating.

But that wasn’t a problem for Blake Lively, who gave her new beau Ryan Reynolds a cute Maltipoo puppy wrapped in an array of colourful balloons for his 35th birthday.

We revealed last week the Green Lantern co-stars are a couple, and they have become almost inseparable since.

A source explained, “It’s getting more serious. Ryan really respects her.”

Blake spent the whole of last weekend at Ryan’s Boston home, only leaving to go to his R.I.P.D. film set, where she spent most of the time in his trailer. Blake, who recently split up with Leonardo DiCaprio, only left Ryan’s side to return to New York to film Gossip Girl.