Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio Split

Was Ryan Reynolds to blame?
Monday , 10 October 2011
Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio
Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio
Ryan Reynolds and Blake
Ryan Reynolds and Blake

We were hoping to bear good news of an engagement this month. Just last week it looked certain that Blake Lively and boyfriend Leo DiCaprio were set to live happily ever after following a string of romantic dates all over the world. But, the pair have split – confirming our cover story of last month that all is not well.

As far back as June, a pal of Leo said, “[I’ve] never seen Leo like this with a girl, he’s smitten”. But, it just wasn’t to be.

Gossip Girl star Blake originally hooked up with Leo on Steven Spielberg’s yacht in Monte Carlo earlier this year. Since then they’ve been spotted on matching bicycles in New York and a romantic getaway in Venice. Blake even flew to Australia to celebrate her 24th birthday with Leo.

But, last week a spokesperson confirmed the split, claiming that the two “remain friends”. It would be nice if this was to be the case, but a little mud-slinging may start when Leo finds out about a certain X-men star.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake, who co-starred in Green Lantern together, were allegedly spotted ‘making out’ at a train station in Boston last weekend.

Their flirting in the past has been cited as a reason for Ryan and Scarlett Johansson getting divorced last year. And, another celeb victim left in Blake and Ryan’s trail could be Sandra Bullock, who has recently become “obsessed with being skinny”, according to a source.

We can’t imagine Leo is going to be thrilled that Blake’s moving on so quickly, but then again with stunning exes like Gisele and Bar Refaeli, we’re sure he’ll find someone soon enough.