Uh-oh, there was a blackout during JLo's show and she wasn't happy

She show must go on? Not so much
ByJulianne TolentinoWednesday , 17 July 2019
Uh-oh, there was a blackout during JLo's show and she wasn't happy
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Ugh, it must have been so disappointing to attend a concert, just for it to be cut short.

JLo's fans can definitely relate after an unexpected concert blackout during her 'It's My Party' tour.

Fans of the 14-time Billboard Award Winner were forced to evacuate the Madison Square Garden in New York after just four songs! We can't imagine just how devastating that was for JLo as well.

The blackout was caused by a city-wide power outage that left parts of Manhattan in the dark, so it was unavoidable, to say the least.

To express her apologies and regret, the singer took to Instagram with an emotional video, letting her fans know that she was just as "devastated" and "heartbroken" as they were.

She captioned the video with a sincere apology that wrote: "Devastated and heartbroken that I can’t perform for all of you tonight. We will make this up to you, I promise! I love you!! #ItsMyPartyTour".

And just a few hours later, Lopez fulfilled her promise and announced a reschedule of her show. The dedication!

Not even a city-wide blackout could shut them down, and the singer found a way to make it up to her fans with a rescheduled date.

We stan a considerate queen!

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