Blac Chyna Birthday Celebration And Unveiling Of Her Chymoji Emoji Collection

Blac Chyna is Two-Faced?

08 Sep 2016

Rob Kardashian's pregnant fiancee keeps stirring up trouble in his famous family

Blac Chyna can’t seem to make her mind up when it comes to the Kardashian clan. One minute she’s throwing shade at her fiancé Rob Kardashian’s family, and the next she’s trying to be one of them. 
Ever since Rob and former model Chyna began dating earlier this year, there’s been discord within the tight-knit family, with many of his siblings being negative about the pair’s relationship – we’re looking at you, Khloé!
Five Kardashian/Jenner siblings are a force to be reckoned with, so Chyna’s proved herself to be a pretty brave lady with some of her actions lately. Discussing the impending arrival of her and Rob’s first child in a recent interview, she said: “The baby won’t have a K-name. We both agreed.” Considering that five of Kris Jenner’s six children have names beginning with the letter, this is a major snub. 
While Kim and Chyna were once BFFs, the friendship soured after younger sister Kylie began dating Tyga, Chyna’s ex and father to her three-year-old son, King – confusing, we know! Though Kylie and Blac have since addressed their ‘feud’, many have speculated that a shocking emoji released as part of Chyna’s ‘Chymoji’ range shows her character slapping a likeness of the lip-kit queen. 
Despite all the family friction, though, Chyna, 29, appears to be trying every trick in the book to become a Kardashian clone. She’s done two bump-baring shoots of late, which are very similar to those of Kourtney Kardashian while she was pregnant, and appeared on the cover of Paper, which Kim famously collaborated with for her risqué pictures in an attempt to ‘break the internet’. 
With Rob and Chyna’s reality show airing soon, we imagine the story of Blac’s integration into the Kardashian family is going to become an even bigger talking point.