The Biggest Zumba Class in the UAE

03 Apr 2012

Are you in for a dance-exercise session with 100 people?

Latin-inspired dance exercise Zumba, voted the most effective cardio
workout to date (burning on average of 500 calories a class), is gaining numbers in Dubai so that you can be a loser of the weight-dropping kind. Twice a week, the newly opened Zaabeel Hall in Crowne Plaza will host a
Zumba class for not 10, not 50 but 100 people!

It's exercise by numbers that promises to create the kind of healthy bonding atmosphere that would make the perfect setting
for a fat-busting workout after a hard day’s work. Buh-bye love handles!

INFO: Dhs45 per person, 7pm to 8 pm, starting Sunday 8 April 2012, classes
will be held twice a week on Sundays and Tuesdays, Crowne Plaza Dubai, 04 441