Big Day Beauty Must-Dos

Look your radiant best with the pre-wedding treatments from SpaDunya
Eat right
Eat right
Tress tales
Tress tales
Get glowing
Get glowing

Excitement, stress, nervousness and confusion are some of the rollercoaster emotions we go through as we begin the countdown to our big day. Feeling that way is normal, remember, but neglecting the way we look just because we are too bogged down with the extras is certainly not. Look your radiating best with simple treatments from SpaDunya, that are a must-do for every bride...

Delights Of Discipline
In all the chaos and confusion surrounding your big day, it is essential for you to take time off for yourself. Give yourself an hour to relax, sweat it out and energise. In short, do anything and everything that helps de-stress you! Whether it is a session of Pilates everyday or an hour of meditation, do it religiously and you will notice how refreshed, calmer and energised you feel as you get closer to the big day!

Treatment: Sessions at the Movement and Meditation Studio
Duration: One session (60mins)
Price: Dhs70

Completely Clean
We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. And the truth is that you are! Our skin, health, moods and behaviour are all correlated to our eating habits. It might be a plus if you’ve always been the sort to maintain good eating discipline but if not, then right now is the perfect time to start. Cleanse your entire body before your wedding day to rid your system of toxins that are commonly known to make you moody, sluggish and bloated. And feel the enormous difference a small change like that can make.

Treatment: Detox
Duration: 15days
Price: Dhs4,690

Tress Tales
It is a well-known fact that a woman’s beauty lies in her tresses. Short or long, the quality of our hair is the key to making the big day moment perfect. Soft, bouncy and healthy hair that accentuates our features is something we all want. Go for a treatment that is intensive and personalised to your hair type, not only to give it that much-needed shine, but also to protect it from the chemicals that erode away with our constant blow dries and incessant use of tongs.

Treatment: Intensive Hair Treatment (Schwarzkopf)
Duration: 30mins
Price: Dhs190

Get Glowing
Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder but on your big day, it is in the eye of the camera and your guests. The best way to ensure that you do glow as you trail the aisle, is to have a facial a week before the big moment that will strip your skin of dead cells and leave it looking hydrated and fresh. We all want to be remembered as the blushing bride and here’s the perfect way to make sure we are.

Treatment: Radiance Booster Facial
Duration: 60/90mins
Price: Dhs390/Dhs550