Big brands, big impact

Big brands, big impact

27 Dec 2019

Ethical fashion, sustainable wears, and non-profit enterprise? um, YES!

Everyones personal style exudes from fashion and I believe that everyday we have to make a decision based on the clothes that we purchase, whether it’s looking for the right tie or matching dress to shoes, we make daily style decisions. For this reason, it is important to support brands that have consciuosly made changes to make the planet a better and safer place.

It is important that we acknowledge the brands that continuously make positive impacts; whether through sustainability or ethical fashion, these fashion brands, in some ways, have made where we live much more bearable. And be sure to check them out!


This brand is still relatively young, it is a non-profit social enterprise fashion brand and probably the coolest brand I’ve ever known (feel free to argue with your screen).  Launched in 2015, the founder-Lama Riachi created this brand to help raise funds for individuals whose lives have been touched by cancer. Every piece in the collections is effortlessly chic with unexpected details. It would have been awkward if the styles weren't aesthetically unpleasing. I really think everyone needs to have a piece from BLLSD in their closet.

Stella McCartney

She’s known as the “Queen of sustainability.” She’s known for being at the forefront of eco-friendly fashion and offers sustainable luxury fashion to consumers. This brand does not use animal glues or PVC, the brand is known for using organic cotton, recycled nylon and polyester, vegetarian leather to design their luxury items. In September, she released her most sustainable collection ever.

H&M Conscience

Big brands, big impact

This brand is for me and you, the everyday girl that wants to make a change without breaking the bank. I don’t know how I feel about the name, but I definitely know how I feel about the work. The best part about this collection is that you don’t have to spend a lot to join the sustainable fashion movement, you can spend a little as Dhs50 on a statement piece.

Splash Fashion

This year, Splash launched a sustainability campaign. It is aimed at promoting awareness of conserving the ocean, and adapting sustainable business practices in the fashion industry. They also launched the Expo 2020 merch, the collection is designed on the pillar of sustainability, a promise that the brand has been living since 2016. Each piece is made with sustainable fabrics with special eco-friendly finish.