BiCE Mare Does it Sicilian Style

21 Oct 2012

Fresh ingredients and authentic flavour make their way onto the menu

Sicily is the next stop on the culinary coastal tour that seafood specialist restaurant, BiCE Mare is taking diners. In November, there’s a new menu offering fresh fish, meat and cheese and a range of veggies.

Sicilian cuisine has many cultural influences thanks to the Arabs, Spanish and Greeks who all brought different ingredients to the city. Celebrating these different influences and Sicily’s abundance of fresh seafood, the menu offers dishes like yellow-fin tuna carpaccio and sword fish. One of the most unique dishes from this region is the imperial red shrimp that’s caught in the clear waters of the Mazara del Vallo, a village located at the end of the river Mazaro in south west Sicily. The colour of the shrimp is as bright as precious coral and the taste is just as remarkable. The little gems are served with saffron fettucine – too delish!

INFO: The Sicilian special menu is available during November; open 12pm to 3.30pm for lunch and from 7pm to 12am for dinner; BiCE Mare, Souk Al Bahar, 04 423 0982.

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