Beyonce's Fashion Fail

What was she thinking!?
BySarah Hedley HymersThursday , 03 March 2016
Beyonce's Fashion Fail
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Queen B's fashion fail!

She rarely puts a fashionable foot wrong, but reassuring me that we all have off days, Queen Bey went to a birthday party at the weekend looking like Coronation Street's late Deidre Barlow. The beloved sap character was known for her oversized specs, which are currently back in vogue, but the look must be handled with care. Worn with pulled-back hair, an oversized floral sweater, and midi skirt unflatteringly paired with black ankle socks and boots, Beyonce got it wrong. I'm guessing her stylist took the day off, because separately these pieces could work, but Bey's overload of the latest looks hit my OMG! radar. The moral of this fashion story: only adopt trends that really suit you, obvs.

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