Beyonce's Destiny's Child Band Mate Defends Blue Ivy's Hair Style

30 Aug 2014

Michelle Williams calls out cruel critics on their wild hair complaints

Beyonce's friend and former Destiney's Child band mate Michelle Williams has spoken out in defence of Bey's decision not to tame her daughter Blue Ivy's wild hair, insisting cruel critics should focus on their own kids.

Fashion critics and internet trolls have aimed at the Baby Boy hitmaker and her rapper husband JayZ lately over their choice to let Blue Ivy's adorable afro grow out naturally. The haircare discussion went as far as a bizarre petition being launched online, calling on the baby's celebrity parents to comb her curls.

Williams, outraged about the silly debate, told America's Sister 2 Sister magazine: "Let's worry about your own children and nieces and nephews and make sure they're getting good grades in school and not worry about somebody's hair."

She also warned cyber bullies not to mess with her or her friends and family: "I think the cyber bullying is just stupid because the majority of the time most of the cyber bullies just type it, but when they see you on the street, they're not gonna say it to your face. Every now and then, depending on what day you catch me, if you say something out of line to me - because I don't want you to be ignorant, I want you to be knowledgeable - I will spit something back to you that's factual and I'll say 'God bless you' at the end."

We couldn't agree more with you Michelle! Cyber bullying is not only serious but often totally exaggerated, especially when it comes to something as silly as a kid's haircut. The latest pics of Blue Ivy on stage with mom and dad at the MTV Video Music Awards had us fall in love with this baby girl even more – and the sweet hairstyle she dons should not be changed, ever!