Beyonce's Bold New Look!

Beyonce's Bold New Look!

08 Aug 2013

The big curls are gone! Beyonce shows off her pixie cut

Beyonce's done a Miley Cyrus! She's chopped off her signature long locks and in its place is a super-minimal pixie cut. And as social media savvy celebs do, Bey debuted her new 'do on Instagram. 

Check out her first selfie! We've got to say, she's almost unrecognisable.

The rock star also showed off another pic, this one in front of a mirror. Kinda pensive but still chic!

This makeover's come just two days after Beyonce wrapped up her Mrs Carter tour, maybe it was time for a change. We liked her with the big hair but it's plain to see she works the uber-short look too. Nicely done, Queen Bey!