Beyonce's Baby Bump Scandal

Rumours run wild about the star's pregnancy, but her mum swears her waffle cravings are real!
Monday , 17 October 2011
Beyonce's Baby Bump Scandal
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Beyonce set the rumour mill into instant overdrive last week when it looked like her baby bump creased in an unnatural way during an Australian TV interview.

Claims ranged from Bey enhancing her belly with some kind of ‘prosthetic bump’ to rumours that she’s not pregnant at all and that a surrogate is carrying her baby.

Videos on YouTube, with close-ups on the strange ‘squish’, have already had hundreds of thousands of views by fans keen to make up their own mind on the matter.

But Bey’s reps were quick to dismiss the reports as “stupid, ridiculous and false”.

The Run The World singer has also said she is due to give birth in February, adding that she feels, “grateful” and “blessed” to be expecting her first child with her husband Jay-Z.

Bey is not the first star to be hit by fake-pregnancy rumours. Nicole Kidman raised eyebrows by staying extremely thin during her pregnancy, and Katie Holmes was accused of pretending to be pregnant to drum up support for one her husband Tom’s films. Both reports were proved false when the stars gave birth.

Beyonce's Mum Quashes Rumours
Bey's mum, designer Tina Knowles, has also put paid to rumours by revealing details of the star's cravings. Apparently, Bey is partial to the sweet stuff these days as a mum-to-be.

Tina told Life & Style magazine, "She went through morning sickness, but she's got past it now. She's craving waffles."

Tina also revealed that her daughter and son-in-law already know the sex of their first child - but they're not telling.

She was sure though that they'd make great parents: "Beyonce is going to be an awesome mum. I think she'll be the same great person she's (always) been... (and) I think he's (Jay-Z) going to be awesome. They are very, very happy and just glowing. It's great to see."

She added in an interview with US Weekly that her 30-year-old daughter will "slow down somewhat" once she becomes a mum but was currently "very busy". 

Dad Jay-Z Boosts gets Child-friendly
Meanwhile, Jay-Z is just as busy and all set to get animated for a new cartoon series, giving his new-born something else to look forward to. The hip-hop mogul will provide his voice for upcoming show Secret Millionaires Club, in which his character will offer financial advice to a group of kids. His hit song Empire State of Mind also features in the cartoon, playing in the background.


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