Beyonce's Addiction...

What could RnB's most clean cut diva be addicted to?
Wednesday , 19 November 2008
Beyonce's Addiction...

Superstar BEYONCE KNOWLES is unable to walk past a shoe shop without going in - because she is addicted to buying high heels!

The Crazy In Love star is particularly enamoured with "super-high" stilettos and is determined to fill her wardrobe with new acquisitions.

But Beyonce admits she doesn't always have to pay designer prices, as she gets so many pairs given to her for free.

She says, "I love those super-high shoes that are out at the moment. I'm addicted.

"I have been doing loads of photoshoots and they have all this stuff straight off the runway and this past few weeks there have been loads. I love a high heel."