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Beyonce Takes on Kim Kardashian

18 May 2015

Jay Z wants Bey to be bigger than Kim

Bey Battles Queen Kim
Beyoncé’s shockingly skimpy appearance at the Met Ball where she wore one of her most daringly revealing outfits ever stunned her loyal army of fans. But sources behind the scenes say despite her confident strut on the red carpet Beyoncé was far from pleased with her daring look – and only agreed to wear the bottom-baring dress after pressure from Jay Z. A close friend of the couple revealed: “Jay has a real obsession with Beyoncé being bigger than Kim Kardashian and it all came to a head at the awards appearance. Jay feels Kim has started to become more popular and more talked about than his wife – and he doesn’t like it at all. He’s totally competitive that way and he wants Bey to wrestle back her crown as the biggest female star on the planet.” Jay apparently feels so strongly about the issue that he’s even come up with a game plan to get Kim and his one-time best friend Kanye out of the spotlight. “He feels strongly that playing Kimye at their own game and making Beyoncé’s look more adult is the only way to stop Kim dominating everything. But it’s a path that Beyoncé had always in the past vowed never to take.”

Jay’s Met Ball Master Plan
Jay Z is so determined to put the Single Ladies singer back on top of her rival that sources say he was even tipped off about what Kim was going to wear to the ball and ensured his wife would have something equally as daring. “He made it his mission for Beyoncé to upstage Kim at that event and that’s exactly what happened.” But despite her PR coup, friends of the Halo artist say she was far from comfortable with the new image. “She doesn’t see things with the same ruthless business PR mind that Jay does,” added the source. “Her view is that she’s a mum and that she shouldn’t be flaunting her body like that. So she was really uncomfortable with the whole thing even though she went along with it in the end.”

Beyonce’s Not Happy
Even though her husband’s plan worked and Bey generated a lot of mentions, hashtags and attention across social media thanks to her revealing gown she was strongly opposed to his outfit choice. “She doesn’t want to cross over the line of what’s appropriate and her and Jay had a number of strongly worded debates about the dress before she finally gave in. In a way he was absolutely right because Beyoncé’s outfit did stop the whole event becoming yet another Kim Kardashian show. But at the same time it left a really bad taste in her mouth.” Their clash over the 20-time-Grammy-winning star’s image is set to grow even tenser over the coming weeks with the <Run This Town> rapper now insisting he takes further control of his wife’s image. “With the Destiny’s Child reunion on the horizon Jay thinks Beyoncé is in danger of losing her individuality after years of hard work to build herself up as a solo star,” added the source. “Now he’s seen how easily he can boost attention to Beyoncé with racier outfits he feels they should continue going in that direction.”

How They Measure Up
Who is the biggest female star?

Twitter Followers: 31.6m
Instagram Followers: 31.8m
Facebook Likes: 24m
Awards: Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Female Reality Star, People’s Choice Award for Favourite TV Celebreality Star
Most Famous For: Being a reality TV star in Keeping up with the Kardashians
Notable Achievements: Creating a computer game that generates millions of dollars, and appearing on the cover of Vogue

Twitter Followers: 14m
Instagram Followers: 31.9m
Facebook Likes: 63m
Awards: 20 Grammys, six American Music Awards, eight Billboard Music Awards, three World Music Awards and over 400 nominations in total
Most Famous For: Being a chart topping singer, actress and entertainer
Notable Achievements: Being the first ever artist to release work without promoting it and making music videos for every single on her self-titled album.