Beyonce Doesn't Want to Hang With Kim Kardashian!

Now that Kim Kardashian's dating Kanye West, she would love to hang out with Beyonce! But the superstar isn't having it
Tuesday , 24 April 2012
Beyonce Doesn't Want to Hang With Kim Kardashian!
Kim K wants Bey as a BFF!

You’ve got to be a major A-lister to hang out with the Queen B, and it looks like Kim Kardashian may not rank high enough in T’Town. Kim’s getting hot and heavy with Kanye West – even wearing ‘KW’ earrings around Manhattan. But along with the bling, sources say she’s also hoping to get close to Beyonce, as Kanye and Bey’s hubby Jay-Z are good friends.

Perez Hilton reported that Kim’s wish may not be granted. A source dished, “Bey’s marriage to Jay-Z was extremely private, and neither of them confirmed it until long after the event. Kim, on the other hand, turned her wedding into a media circus and the whole thing was filmed for a reality show. Bey thought that it was really tacky and is not a fan of reality TV, either.”

Plus, Bey already has her besties – Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

Oh well, even Kim K can’t have everything!

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