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Beyonce Blasted and Taylor Swift is Targeted

24 Feb 2016

The queens of pop have become public enemy number one

Being a pop star is not so easy these days, especially for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. The two icons of the music world have been blasted for seemingly being themselves, with queen Bey targeted by angry protestors and Taylor getting slated by fellow celebrity 
Amy Schumer.
Power to the People
Online trolls hit out at Beyoncé, 34, in their thousands over her controversial Super Bowl performance, but a planned protest turned out to be a flop in New York last week as fans of the RnB diva came out in droves to support her. The former Destiny’s Child star sparked controversy with her half-time appearance at the big football game, when she appeared to give a Black Power salute while backing dancers paraded around in leather outfits similar to the uniforms worn by members of the US Black Panther movement in the 1960s. She added to the furore by referencing police brutality and the recent spate of police shootings in the US in the video for her new song, Formation, which was released after the Super Bowl. 
Hate Speech and Racism
The live set and the promo prompted pro-police activists to suggest the singer was attempting a “race-baiting stunt” and serving up “a slap in the face” to cops by supporting a “hate group”. The campaigners announced plans to march on the headquarters of the National Football League (NFL) in New York, in an effort to urge sports executives to take a harder line on “hate speech and racism” at the Super Bowl. Beyoncé fans quickly mobilised a counter demonstration and dressed up as Black Panther activists to join the pro-police protesters at the NFL offices. The turn-out was impressive, while only five anti-Bey protesters showed up, according to The New York Post. Among the small group was a man called Ariel Kohane, who told the newspaper that he believes Beyoncé is “racist” and is “fuelling hate”, adding: “She’s promoting violence against police.”
Beyonce Blasted and Taylor Swift is Targeted
Is Taylor Too Thin?
Meanwhile, Taylor Swift, 26, is probably crying into her Grammy awards after Amy Schumer, 34, apparently body-shamed her! After seeing what TSwizzle wore to the Grammys, Schumer posted a snap of herself in a swimsuit with the caption: “Taylor, that’s not a thigh gap. This is a thigh gap.” Of course it wasn’t long before Swifty’s loyal legion retaliated, writing: “Stop body-shaming others. It’s not cool; get over people who are skinny,” and “I used to like you because you stand up for us women and didn’t care about body shapes. But you’ve just body-shamed Taylor Swift! Quite hypocritical of you, I must say, and very disappointed.” Watch your back, Amy.