Beyonce Battles On Through Wardrobe Malfunction

The pop star was a total professional at the Global Citizen Festival
BySarah Hedley HymersThursday , 02 October 2014
 Beyonce Battles On Through Wardrobe Malfunction

Say what you like about Beyoncé – we usually do – but she's a consummate pro! I've seen her fall down stairs in front of thousands and not miss a beat. In her latest stage fiasco she's popped a button or two and let the puppies out of the basket, so to speak (as seen during her surprise appearance at her hubby's Global Citizen Festival set in NYC). "Awwww," we all cooed – and then, "Oooops!" But did she falter? Not a jot. The average female would be mortified to have her flesh coloured support underwear on show, but Queen Bey powered on and that's impressive!

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