Beyonce and Lady Gaga Slays at the Superbowl

15 Feb 2016

Coldplay were outclassed by America's two leading ladies

It wasn’t really their fault. They tried their hardest, but we guess their best wasn’t good enough. Coldplay were desperately outdone at Super Bowl 50 by not just one, but two superstars. Beyoncé slayed as usual with a politically motivated performance that had everyone talking, and Lady Gaga made headlines before the game had even kicked off.
Beyonce and Lady Gaga Slays at the Superbowl
Bey’s Black Power
The day before the big performance Bey, 34, released the video for her new track Formation, and showed that she’s suddenly pro-black. The video is steeped in black American culture featuring images like a New Orleans police car sinking in the floods, a little boy breakdancing in front of riot cops and some graffiti that reads “stop shooting us”. Her half-time show continued the political trend with the queen emerging centre stage dressed in a military outfit that paid homage to the late, great Michael Jackson. She was also flanked by black women dancers who were kitted out in Black Panther-style uniforms. 
The King & Queen of Pop
Critics have praised the performance for its ideals and message, with one writing: “I think she wants us to know that even though she’s headlining a mainstream event like the Super Bowl, she has opinions and isn’t afraid to share them, nor is she afraid to do it on a national and global scale.” Another stated: “Smartly, Coldplay didn’t try to outdo Beyoncé. They played well, with confidence and energy and a sense of humour. They did their hits, kept the show moving, and when Beyoncé stepped on stage, had the grace to let her grab the spotlight she so rightly deserved.”
Beyonce and Lady Gaga Slays at the Superbowl
Gaga Gets Them Going
Bey wasn’t the only woman stealing the show as Lady Gaga, 29, had celebrities tweeting frantically after her rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner. She belted out the tune in the middle of the playing field at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California while standing onstage alongside a piano played by a lone pianist. A-listers were impressed, with Jessica Jones actress Krysten Ritter gushing: “Well @LadyGaga wins the Super Bowl and every other single thing Slay Queen!” Thespian Alyssa Milano felt shudders as Gaga performed, tweeting: “That was amazing @LadyGaga. Chills. Everywhere.” 

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