Beyonce’s Baby Name

23 Nov 2011

What's the singing superstar's tot going to be called?

Beyonce and Jay Z are going all out to make sure their daughter will be a little RnB princess before she is even born.

According to sources, Jay is recording a new album and excerpts in one of his songs are noises from Beyonce’s womb.

My source tells me, “He put a microphone up to her stomach to get the heartbeat and other noises. It’s a bit bizarre but they want to make sure this girl is well and truly indoctrinated into RnB royalty.”

What’s more, sources tell me that Run The World singer Beyonce is even contemplating calling their daughter Princess.

My source adds, “Princess, Rose and Petula have been touted around.”

I wonder if she’s heard of glamour model Jordan, who also called her daughter Princess?!!!

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