Beyoncé and Meghan finally met at The Lion King premiere

Beyoncé and Meghan finally met at The Lion King premiere

16 Jul 2019

British royalty meets pop royalty

Did you see all the stars align and hear all the angels collectively singing earlier this week? According to science’s calculations, the occurrence was due to two legends FINALLY meeting in person. And yas, we’re obviously talking about Beyonce and Meghan Markle meeting for the first time at the London premiere of The Lion King.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the premiere of the live-action remake of The Lion King in London on Sunday, and met Beyonce, who plays Nala. They hugged and chatted for a bit which caused the internet to go ‘wild’ (Pun intended).

Clips of Meghan and Beyonce hugging and chatting on the red carpet have been circulating around the internet and everyone has been desperately wondering what they talked about.

Fans, thankfully for all of us, critically examined the videos and figured out that Beyonce greeted Meghan by calling her “My Princess” while leaning in for a hug (which is the cutest thing ever).

They chatted about everything from their super busy schedules to talking about their children and, of course, about their shared love for each other.

The beautiful moment is all the more meaningful because of how these queens supported each other. Beyonce paid tribute to Meghan when she accepted her BRIT award last year in a speech with a painting of Meghan in a tiara behind her. Earlier this year, Beyonce also wrote a heartwarming letter to Meghan honouring all she does for charity, thanking her for incorporating black traditions into the royal wedding, and congratulating her on her pregnancy.