Bethenny Frankel and Husband Feuding?

Bethenny Frankel has spoken about how she was "ready to crack" in New York City with her husband Jason Hoppy before vacationing in the Hamptons alone with her daughter
Bethenny Frankel and Husband Feuding?
Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel enjoyed a “magical, amazing summer” without her husband.

The 41-year-old reality star turned TV host was rumoured to be considering divorcing Jason Hoppy a few months ago.

The couple share two-year-old daughter Bryn together and the family lives in New York City.

Bethenny and Bryn took a break in the Hamptons by themselves recently and the star had a great time.

“Bryn and I spent the last six weeks in the Hamptons playing on the beach. We just had a magical, amazing summer,” she told In Touch magazine.

“Jason was in the city working, and it was nice. He came on the weekends. It was good for her that we got to do outdoor activities. It was good for me, because I was ready to crack.”

Bethenny and Jason are supposedly on the rocks yet again.

There seems to be a lot of friction between the pair.

"[Bethenny] continues to live a separate life from Jason — even after returning home to NYC," a source told the publication.

“When Jason did make it out to the Hamptons on weekends this summer, it was for [their daughter] Bryn.”