The best turf, only for David

Guess who's trying to recruit the Beckhams now....
Monday , 10 March 2008
The best turf, only for David

The head of the Church of Scientology is desperate to land British soccer star DAVID BECKHAM and his wife VICTORIA as celebrity followers of the religion, a former Scientologist has claimed.

Ex-Scientologist Marc Headley, who used to produce promotional films for the controversial religion, claims leader David Miscavige is so intent on using Hollywood actor and fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise's star power to recruit the famous couple; he has a wall of photographs of the Cruise family with the Beckhams in his office.

And Miscavige even tried to lure the L.A. Galaxy player to make a guest appearance at the Church's Gold Base headquarters in Helmet, California, by relaying the soccer field.

But Beckham didn't take up the offer.

Headley says, "Tom's a good friend of the Beckhams. The church leader David Miscavige has literally hundreds of pictures of him with Beckham and Victoria and all the kids. They'd love to get them into the religion.

"There was talk about introducing David to Miscavige. They redid the field with the best turf you could get - just to impress him."