The best insult Brad can come up with for Tom is ‘Dr Strange’? We’ve heard better insults at Brownie camp!

11 Nov 2009

When we heard that Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, two of Hollywood's most powerful players, were squabbling, we were positively drooling at the prospect of a cold war breaking out in T'Town. We imagined a menacing Brad calling Tom and gruffly threatening, "This town ain't big enough for the both of us," while a petulant Tom turbo-flicked through his little black book a la Jerry Maguire demanding showbiz's bigwigs side with Team Cruise and boycott Brad.

But while the former Interview With a Vampire co-stars' feud started off juicy enough - with a livid Tom reportedly furious at Brad's lady love Angelina for nicking the lead role in upcoming flick Salt out from under his nose (they changed the gender of the lead, in case you were wondering!)- it's transcended into a high school slanging match.

Brad's response to Tom bad-mouthing his woman? He said to have labelled him ‘Dr Strange?' Is that the best you can do, Brad? This is a man who believes in aliens, calls non-believers ‘squirrels,' and practises mind-control. Pah! Calling Tommo ‘Dr Strange' is like calling Victoria Beckham a ‘little bit thin.' It doesn't even come close. We demand a re-match!